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Cute kitchen items make life fun

by huaiyong wang 29 Dec 2023

Eggshell chicken handle cleaning pot brush

The colorful and cute eggshell chicken shape adds a touch of life to the kitchen. The eggshell handle fiber cleaning ball can solve your cleaning problems, effectively remove dirt, not hurt the glaze, quickly foam, and enjoy the cleaning with eggshell chicken brush.

Solid wood shark beer bottle opener

Super cute shark shape, environmentally friendly paint art, safe and healthy without odor.

Persimmon storage jar

The persimmon-shaped storage jar is thick and plump, ruddy and full, and the round mouth is more convenient to store and retrieve.

Steam pot cover in the shape of a ship

The three air holes are just the three chimneys on the ship, which can prevent the soup in the pot from boiling out and lock in moisture.

Loch Ness monster-shaped spoon

When the spoon is put into the bottom of the pot, it looks like the monster has a head sticking out, which is very cute.

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