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Universal accessories, easy to match and unique, these are the ones I use most2.0

by wanghuaiyong 02 Feb 2024

This ball necklace is second best. The key is the stacked clavicle chain. This is the most accurate clavicle chain I have ever bought. It is super shiny. It shines to any extent. At any time, as long as there is a little light, it will bring the Milky Way. Starlight special effects.


It's really dazzling when worn alone. I guess it's not enough to be worn layered with an ordinary necklace. It's really invincible and definitely the star. The matching small ball chain is just right.

The two little balls are also very shiny, mainly because they are well polished. The small pendant balls sway and sparkle with the movement. The two pieces look very good together.

Finally, there is this pearl necklace:

It is a rare pearl necklace that has no aura of wealth and is casual and light. The quality of the pearls is unparalleled and sparkling. The gold-plated brass lock has a good feel. The lock lock closes perfectly on the chest. It is especially suitable for simple shirts. T-shirts, vests.

Don’t wear them on top of each other, just wear them one by one! There are small diamonds on the lock button, which are bright enough. Especially when wearing clothes with a lower neckline, the finishing effect is particularly good.






































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