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Universal accessories, easy to match and unique, these are the ones I use most1.0

by wanghuaiyong 02 Feb 2024

Most of the jewelry I bought in the past six months, except factory goods, came from the same store, especially the various earrings, which were basically purchased from GGXR.

Most of its models come with ear studs and ear clips, especially the hoop earrings that urban beauties like us cannot live without. As we all know, it is a bit difficult to make ear clips from hoop earrings, but its comfort and structure are excellent. In terms of rationality, stability, appearance, etc., it is the best I have ever tried.

It is not a thin piece or a thin hoop, but a thick cylindrical ring, gold-plated brass, fine workmanship, and perfect metal work. It eliminates the most common problem of cheap hoop earrings, and it does not look like many others when worn. The hoop ear clips rotate around like that and are very stable.

I have been wearing this hoop style for about half a year now. I wear it regularly and the color has not faded at all!

Because they are thick ring-shaped, you can’t tell that they are ear clips at all. In short, these ear clips are my favorite among all the earrings I have, and they are my treasure.

The second is this detachable bamboo earring, which has many uses. If you want to be gorgeous, you can wear two pieces. If you want to be simple and intellectual, you can wear one piece.

I have worn it many, many times, especially the one above, and it often appears on camera. Readers have asked me many times where I bought it, and it was from this store.

It is basically impossible to buy ear clip models with such a design sense from other stores, but they are made very finely.

The clips of these two ear clips are all welded together and not modified, so when you wear them, you feel that these are serious and exquisite jewelry for adults, not toys.

There are gold and silver, but I like gold. I have never bought silver. I don’t know how it is, but looking at the picture, it feels not as thick as gold. If your skin color is particularly white, silver may look better.

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