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I guess your kitchen definitely doesn't have these cute little things.

by huaiyong wang 29 Dec 2023

Little fish sharpener

There are two ceramic balls in the belly of the little fish. The blade is placed vertically between the two balls and pulled back and forth a few times. The effect is obvious! When not in use, it is a refrigerator magnet.

Cat scouring pad

Will you feel extra relieved when you let the cute cat help you wash the dishes? Little feet help clean corners. This shape allows it to "sit" around the sink and drain water quickly!

Little Red Riding Hood Bottle Stopper

No matter how cold the wine bottle is, it will instantly become a little cute! It is not completely sealed, so you should drink it up as soon as possible.

Pig yolk and egg white separator

The pig's mouth is aimed at the yolk, and its pink belly is pinched, and the yolk is "swallowed" into its belly!

Snow Mountain Microwave Oven Cleaner

The basic principle is to remove oil stains by heating acidic solutions. The method is to add white vinegar and water to the snow mountain "inside" according to the scale, cover the "snow cover", put it in the microwave oven and heat it for a few minutes, and the vinegar steam will spray out from the small hole on the top of the mountain. Then wipe it clean with a rag.


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