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Universal accessory, easy to match and unique. This is the Shark Clip 3.0 that I use the most.

by wanghuaiyong 02 Feb 2024


frosted clip

It's not fancy, not flashy, and doesn't have a high presence when worn on your head. When you use this clip, your hair is completely the protagonist, and it doesn't steal the limelight.

The advantage is that this is the most stable and practical shark clip I have ever used.

Its mouth can be opened very wide easily, and then, if you just click on your hair from any angle, it will be fixed on your head, all day long, without moving!

Do you know how difficult this is? Most sharks are easily slippery when clamped on the head. After a while, you have to reach out and try again. This one really doesn't move at all.

Note, there is a problem. I have bought light brown and black colors. The black one is more suitable for people with smaller hair. Please pay attention to the size when choosing.

Liquid metal shark clip

I bought it from Shecolor. This one is especially suitable for people with very little, very fine, soft hair. That is, if you can’t clip it firmly with any shark clip, this one can definitely fulfill your dream of clipping it in.

The key is that when you wear it, your hair will not appear to be very thin or very small! Fantastic!


But many stores have this one. I saw this one in the mall and tried it. Its design is so clever. It can catch the hair very well. It can be caught in the hair in one go. It doesn’t look like wearing it. Many shark clips will reveal toothed combs.

It's just a little heavier because there's a lot of metal, but it's not uncomfortable and it's very easy to use.

Round gripper

The most important thing is that this green is particularly gentle and soft, and it feels like jade when worn on the head. If you want to match it with elegant and delicate clothes, this clip is the best choice.


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