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Are there any meanings behind the length of pearl necklaces

by wanghuaiyong 17 Jan 2024

As the most important of the four major pieces of classic jewelry, the necklace cannot be ignored in any appearance. Necklaces can be long or short. Sometimes they are a bright long strip and sometimes they are just a small one wrapped around the neck. There are different values behind the different lengths of necklaces. Today we will take the gentle and elegant pearl necklace as an example. Have a chat.


collar necklace

Show luxurious classic beauty

Length: about 30CM, above the collarbone


This kind of necklace is also called a choker. It is relatively short in length and only goes around the neck just above the collarbone. It fits the neck tightly and is suitable for people with long faces. It can make the face look rounder; if there are several pieces of the same style of clothing, Wear the collar chain at the same time or choose a multi-row collar chain to match with V-neck clothing or low-cut evening dress. The classic charm is really fascinating.


short necklace

The most practical and classic

Length: 41CM, just reaching or slightly past the collarbone


Necklaces of this length are the most classic and popular, and are indispensable for almost every kind of gem material. It is classic for a reason: a necklace of this length is very practical, very few people are not suitable for wearing it, it is suitable for matching with various outfits, and can be worn on various occasions. Whether entering or leaving the workplace, attending a cocktail party or dinner, attending a gathering with friends or accompanying your family, wearing a pearl short necklace can show your elegant and dignified posture, and it is natural and not artificial at all.


princess necklace

Wearing a turtleneck will really make you look like a princess

Length: 45-48CM, around the round neck line under the clavicle.


Wearing a necklace of this length can just form a V-shaped line on the front, which is very suitable for sisters with round faces or less slender necks. It will make our face and neck more symmetrical as soon as we wear it. If you match it with a turtleneck and add a pendant, you can't hide your noble princess temperament.


martini necklace

The length is relaxed and just right


Length: 50-58CM, approximately tube top position


Like the previous one, it is also more suitable for sisters with round faces and less slender necks. In addition, the style of pearl necklaces of this length is more casual and suitable for wearing in relaxed occasions or business activities. It can be worn in casual wear, professional wear, or long skirts. They can all be controlled.


opera necklace

It has a strong sense of layering and can be played with tricks

Length: 70-90CM, at chest or slightly past


For girls with square faces, wearing an opera-shaped pearl necklace will help round your edges and corners. Whether paired with a formal dress or casual casual wear, it can bring an excellent sense of layering.



Due to the length advantage, in addition to wearing it in a single circle, you can also play more tricks: wrap it twice to turn it into a collar-shaped chain to transform into a classic beauty, or tie it with a knot on the neckline or above the chest to form a fancy necklace, which will immediately become vivid.


It is also a must-have choice for girls with square faces, and can be used in many tricks like the opera necklace.

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