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These cute and practical kitchen gadgets are really heart-warming!

by huaiyong wang 29 Dec 2023

Kitchen tools are equally important, and can directly affect people's mood. Cute and practical kitchen gadgets sometimes bring people a sense of pleasure, which makes cooking more enjoyable.

Snowman scooping rice cup

Cute snowman measuring cup When steaming rice, you can control the amount of rice very well. It has milliliter markings on it and can also be used as a liquid measuring cup. Simply steam rice and easily control the amount of rice, no need to worry about not enough rice or too much rice.

Carrot sealing clip

The design of the biting groove can be sealed very tightly. It is much better than the clamp-type sealing effect I have used in the past. It also takes into account the storage problem. It comes with a small magnetic storage box that can be adsorbed on the refrigerator. It can be stored conveniently and prevent it from being lost when it is used.

Tree branch cup brush

Its foot has a tree branch-like design that can stand upright and the brush head can be dried without touching anything. This is much cleaner than those wall-mounted cup brushes. In addition, it has a matte surface and a great touch; a fine sponge brush head with rich foam; and an extra long handle for easy operation of deep cups. All these characteristics add up to a cute and practical cup brush.

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