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What about a punk necklace

by wanghuaiyong 17 Jan 2024

Punk culture:

 Punk culture began to emerge in the UK in the 1970s. Initially, it was a musical rebellious movement that aimed to oppose some popular music forms including progressive rock and heavy metal.


Followers of punk culture developed their dystopian music based on underground, minimalist rock and other music forms. Among them, the Sex Pistols and The Ramones are representative bands during the enlightenment period of punk music.


The message of punk music was subversive, rebellious, and anarchic. It draws on themes such as the problems faced by society and the oppression of the lower class. What makes punk culture a message to society is that not everyone is doing well and not everyone is the same.


The birthplace of punk culture could be London or New York, and the year it started could be 1974 or 1975, depending on which version you want to believe.


The place that is considered the most likely cradle of punk culture in New York is the Bowery in Manhattan's East Village, run by Hilly Kristal (the founder of the legendary New York bar CBGB). ) Club founded on 315th. North American punk is known as hardcore and is noted for its faster and more aggressive tempo than European punk music. There's also skatepunk and straight edge.


Punk style originated from music and was extended to the field of clothing design. In clothing design, the shapes of punk clothing are extremely exaggerated, bohemian and full of provocation. At first it was just a dress style for punk music fans, but with the recovery of the economy, punk's fierce and unconventional style was also integrated into mainstream culture and became fashionable. The impact of the cynical fashion and subversive punk vocabulary on fashion design and fashion publications is obvious.


To some, punk means music, to others (mostly Londoners), punk refers largely to "look", and to still others, punk is an art. .

Punk clothing style characteristics:


The early punk clothing style mainly gave aesthetic value to everyday items. Common manifestations include: tearing clothes and tying them with pins or straps, using paint to paint and decorate clothes; using black garbage plastic bags as shirts or dresses ;Using pins, razors, etc. as accessories; using leather, rubber, and vinyl plastics as clothing, which reminds people of criminal tendencies.

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