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Small Open Plan Kitchen, Living & Dining Room Design Ideas

by Huaiyong wang 09 Dec 2023

Clever Design Solutions for Small Open Plan Areas

Designing a small open space comes with its own unique set of challenges, but with a little creativity and some smart planning, you can truly maximise your small kitchen, living, and dining area. Here are some clever design ideas to consider:

  • Choose Light Colours: Lighter colours, particularly white walls and white cabinets, can make a small room feel bigger and more airy. Not only does it reflect more light, but a palette of light colours also tends to blur the edges of a room, creating an illusion of a larger space.
  • Take advantage of Multi-functional Furniture: Whenever you can, invest in furniture that offers more than just one function. A round table or small table, for instance, can double as a dining table and workspace. A coffee table with storage space can be a place to keep books and drinks, as well as storing blankets and pillows.
  • Implement Open Shelves: Instead of upper cabinets, consider using open shelves. They offer plenty of storage space without making your small kitchen feel weighed down. Moreover, they can serve as a display for your finest dishware or most colourful cookbooks.

Incorporating these smart design solutions can truly help you get the most out of every square centimetre in your small open plan kitchen living and dining room.

Creating the Perfect Flow: Open Concept Kitchen, Living, and Dining Spaces

How to create a continuous flow from the kitchen to the living room and on to the dining area is a paramount concern when designing an open concept kitchen.

A harmonious blend of design elements such as colour palette and furniture placement are vital for creating a smooth transition. 

Moving the dining table closer to the open kitchen not only saves space, but it also allows for more comfortable and easy meal times. Position the dining table near your kitchen island for a seamless move from cooking prep to eating. 

  • White walls and white cabinets are excellent choices that undeniably offer a sense of openness and brightness in your small kitchen and living area. An added advantage of white colour is its ability to make your small house appear larger and more spacious.
  • Any piece of room furniture, including a small table or coffee table, can function as a transition piece between the kitchen and the family room, enhancing the open-plan designs.
  • Selecting furniture with a low profile prevents a small living room from looking cramped, and allows a clear sightline into the kitchen area and dining space, giving the illusion of a large space.

In addition to this, for an almost invisible division, use features like different flooring or ceiling heights. For example, a raised platform for your dining room table subtly distinguishes the dining area yet keeps the entire room integrated.

Floors can connect different parts of an open-concept kitchen or create a separate space when needed with a rug or different tile direction. 

Be sure that all spaces within the open floor plan are well lit.

Combining spotlights over the kitchen area with a statement lamp over the round table in the dining space, and floor lamps in your modern living room will strike a good balance.

Light is paramount in creating the illusion of a larger, more inviting room.

Remember, open shelves offer a visual break while still providing plenty of storage space. Not just it accentuates the modern kitchen designs but facilitates at-hand access to your cooking essentials.

The visual continuity of open shelves can give the illusion of a larger and more open space thus tying up the kitchen, living and dining areas perfectly.

When thinking about room design ideas, consider a combined room for a business-like efficiency of your kitchen and a casual, inviting vibe of a family room for a pleasing open space experience.   

Final Note - making a small open plan kitchen, dining and living room accessible and inviting involves careful selection and arrangement of furniture accompanied by smart use of colour and light.

Implementing these rules will create a functional and stylish open-concept living space that feels as large as it is inviting. 

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