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Share your favorite accessories that you usually wear with your clothes! Everyone likes it so much

by wanghuaiyong 30 Jan 2024

I sorted it out some time ago and found that I often wear some jewelry, several of which I have worn for many years, and I feel that I can still wear them for a long time.

Have you noticed that many people have their own favorite "accessory combinations"?
From my experience, this is actually a set of lazy methods born out of the contradiction between "wanting to stay sophisticated and fashionable" and "but being in a hurry before going out".

The accessories combination just meets these requirements. In this way, even if you dress plainly during the work day, you will still have a sense of ritual that you wear seriously, and you will look more energetic.


I originally thought I didn’t have many accessories, but I sorted them out some time ago and found that I have accumulated a lot over the years. I like an elegant and retro style in my daily life, so most of my accessories are gold. An incomplete collection.

Because my wardrobe has a very high black content, most of the other accessories I choose follow the "black gold/silver" color scheme. Occasionally, I add some interesting colored gems for embellishment, which is in line with my noble and cool temperament in the workplace. 


I have had the double ring for over two years. Sometimes I don’t know how to layer them, so I just buy double layers for a stylish look.

Small-diameter pearls (4mm) will look younger, and stacking many layers will not make them appear jewel-like. The small gold beads on the button just echo the gold ring.













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