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It’s so pretty, this is the item I want to buy most this summer!5.0

by wanghuaiyong 29 Jan 2024

Lost in echo's silver coin ring is very retro, and its shape is closer to a traditional signet ring.

Outsiderinside is a relatively niche jewelry brand that has been worn by many celebrities. The old notched ring surface is decorated with small diamonds.

4LEAN Hesitate is very unique. It is different from the serious style of ordinary signet rings. The grimace pattern engraved in the middle is playful and interesting~ It is made of sterling silver and looks a bit frosted to the naked eye.

PUPIL CASKET is both fashionable and retro

Most of PICNIQUE's designs are relatively simple and can be worn by both men and women, making them relatively unisex.

This signet ring from his family is more concise. What’s interesting is that the ring surface is concave.


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