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It’s so pretty, this is the item I want to buy most this summer!4.0

by wanghuaiyong 29 Jan 2024

Amber Lollipop also has a lot of jewelry with pearl elements. This model combines lava ring surface and pearls, adding a bit of tough lines to the gentle temperament.

The EWEST ring has relatively large pearls, so it looks better when worn on the index finger. The style is quite retro, and it feels very suitable to be paired with a satin skirt~

This is a collaboration series from Atelier So and deepmoss. Although it is not a pearl, its appearance makes me unable to help but mention it.

The oval outer frame is paired with silver-white mother-of-pearl, giving it a rich classical oil painting atmosphere.

There is another type of metal ring that has become quietly popular in recent years. It is the signet ring that was born in medieval Europe. It was once the oldest "identity card" in the West and was also known as the "gentleman's ring."

The signet ring worn by Bai Baihe comes from the French brand Gem Island and has a vintage feel.

Although gold signet rings are more retro, let’s talk about silver signet rings today.

Missoma has also released a signet ring, which incorporates elements of love and is tough yet a little sweet. This one can be engraved and rounded off to create a unique customized model.

A very aura black onyx ring, it can also be worn on some formal occasions to hold the spotlight. It is also from Missoma.






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