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It’s so pretty, this is the item I want to buy most this summer!2.0

by wanghuaiyong 29 Jan 2024

The combination of glazed stone + metal is very similar to a colorful gemstone ring, with a more sweet and cool style.

My friend Yajuan wears a silver ring from Arsis. I have recommended their ring many times. This wavy ring has simple lines and is suitable for a cooler look. It is also suitable for stacking.

Opal stone also has a very romantic nickname called "mermaid's tears", and it is a perfect combination with the lava element.

This one comes from Yvmin’s sweets collection. The opal stone is as gentle as the moonlight, and the ring setting is made into a candy wrapper, which looks like a candy, sweet~

The element of butterfly has been popular for several years, and major brands are still releasing it this year. It is estimated that it will continue to be popular for a long time. Its meaning is also very good, and it means breaking out of the cocoon and being reborn.

Youmu is also most famous for this liquid butterfly ring, which looks like a flying butterfly resting on the fingertips. It has a flowing and elegant feel. Many female stars have worn it.

If you want a more low-key style, then abyb charming’s butterfly ring is also good and looks elegant on your hand.


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