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It’s so pretty, this is the item I want to buy most this summer!1.0

by wanghuaiyong 29 Jan 2024

I won’t go into detail about the importance of jewelry. Cool outfits in summer require the embellishment of jewelry.
Choosing the right jewelry can not only light up your whole body easily, but also make old clothes look new~

There are many kinds of rings that are popular nowadays——

Retro and noble colored gems such as cocktail rings, opal rings, exaggerated special-shaped rings, glass, acrylic, and beaded rings that are especially suitable for summer, as well as elegant pearl rings suitable for commuting, and of course there are also timeless classic plain rings. .....

Today, let’s talk about silver rings first. They are very suitable for summer. They have a cool temperament and a cooling effect, which is more refreshing than gold.

There are also many kinds of silver rings. We have chosen a variety of fashionable rings, which look better when worn on top of each other~

The biggest feature of silver rings is that they are cooler and have a sense of coldness. Special-shaped rings can especially take advantage of this feature. They have a strong sense of shape and do not need to be worn in stacks.

I wear this one every day. Many people have asked me about the brand. It is from Hermes. It doesn’t look weird on my small hands.

However, don’t blindly exaggerate the size of a special-shaped ring like this. If it is too big, it will be easily left unused. But it's too mediocre and a little less interesting.

If you want to wear it with a different feeling, you might as well try the lava ring which has been very popular in the past two years ~ it is like hot lava, it feels uneven and very fluid.

RoundFace is an independent designer brand from London. I have a lot of their jewelry.

This ring is the same as mine. The glazed stone is larger and looks like a beautiful gemstone from a distance~


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