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A ring suitable for girls to buy for themselves3.0

by wanghuaiyong 31 Jan 2024

Taste niche styles

If you are looking for a colorful gemstone ring with large particles and a full sense of presence, I most recommend the Nudo series of Pomellato.

The crystal clear, plump and attractive "colored candies" are full of presence.

Just looking at it makes me feel really good~

If you like gemstone rings but want to be younger and livelier, the M’ama non M’ama series is more suitable.

The central main stone of the M’ama non M’ama series of rings is a smaller round cabochon-shaped gemstone, which is round and looks particularly cute and charming.

Coupled with the inner ring that is narrower than Nudo, the overall shape is more low-key and durable, making it suitable for daily commuting.

In fact, the small and exquisite design of the M’ama non M’ama series is especially suitable for mixing and matching several rings.

"Little candies" of different colors are stacked on the left and right, just like wearing a bunch of delicious candy skewers, especially suitable for taking pictures and concave shapes~


Founded in 1919, Buccellati has always been called the "Rolls-Royce of jewelry."

The reason why it has such a high reputation is mainly because its jewelry is beautiful, full of palace style, and looks particularly high-end when worn.







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