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20 stunning pieces of jewelry! Versatile, don’t be picky, stand out in one second2.0

by wanghuaiyong 01 Feb 2024

Missoma x savi Ruyi Rabbit Carnelian Beads

Missoma's necklace is made of carnelian beads, paired with small three-dimensional lanterns and small golden beads. It has a New Year atmosphere~

Carnelian beads are small and delicate, so they look great layered with other gold necklaces.

It looks good when paired with neutral-colored clothes such as black and white, especially white sweaters, which look gentle and elegant!

KVK Cloud Series Bone Chain

This one is made into a "crystal + water ripple" design, with thin chains hanging down, making the neck appear long and slender~

Moreover, the chain body is open, so it will not strangle your neck when worn, and the avant-garde atmosphere will be enhanced.

It is the finishing touch when paired with various hot girl outfits and small black suits. It also looks stylish when stacked with other silver plain chains.

HEFANG ribbon earrings

This pair of ribbon earrings is inherently romantic and tender~

The bow shape is inlaid with zircons, which is gentle and sweet. It is perfect for matching with a small skirt at a holiday party!

Because it is a vertical shape, wearing it can also lengthen the line of the neck, visually modifying the face shape.

Neverfar rose mother-of-pearl chain earrings

The entire line of the earrings is round and graceful, making them look gentle and aura when worn. Donors with small faces can also try it with confidence.

Made of thick copper plated with 18K gold, the physical luster is also very high-end!

Sujue pearl earrings

The young pearl and gold -plated small golden beads are combined. It looks gentle and agile when walking, and the vertical design can also modify the face shape.

Recommended to the large owner in the curvature, with a variety of knitted sweaters to increase a gentle atmosphere.














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