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20 stunning pieces of jewelry! Versatile, don’t be picky, stand out in one second

by wanghuaiyong 01 Feb 2024

So today I went through my favorites and found a bunch of jewelry that looks good for daily wear and is eye-catching enough for parties. I divided it into three categories:





1.UNFOLDS tag pearl necklace

The first necklace was the first place voted by our temple. It is beautiful and has high quality.

"Special-shaped metal + pearl" has its own artistic sense and is super fashionable~

The necklace is made of environmentally friendly copper thickly plated with 18K gold. The thick gold plating makes the luster look super good✨

RSIS Mermaid Y Necklace

ARSIS This clavicle chain follows a simple and elegant route~

The combination of "metal + pearl" will never go out of style. The overall shape is Y-shaped, which can extend the curve of the neck when worn.

However, since the pearls are very small, they are more suitable for a small amount.

Needless to say, it is versatile. It looks gentle and elegant when paired with various sweaters and dresses. It is also suitable for spring and summer T-shirts!

HELAS Akoya saltwater pearl necklace

This pearl necklace is so beautiful too!

The necklace is made of Akoya seawater pearls, all of which are round and full, and look particularly textured and sparkling.

The pearls are relatively large, but the arrangement is uneven, which makes them easy to control, regardless of age.

And it can not only be worn around the neck as a choker, but can also be worn as a double-layered bracelet, which is equivalent to buying one or two!



P D PAOLA letter necklace

P D PAOLA's home-made colored gemstones are truly unique and not tacky at all.

This gemstone letter necklace is exquisite and versatile. There is a circle of colorful gems around it that is super shiny, and the small metal letters floating in the middle look light and breathable~


This necklace is so fairy!

The silver thin chain looks fairy-like. It is inlaid with pearls and crystals. It should not be too shiny in the sun~

The petal texture design is also very unique, gentle and romantic.


















































































































































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